General Character Creation

Character creation is a rather complex process, with many steps. As such, following all the links in the article is suggested, and there will be an example for each and every single step. The core part of this process is that people have as little random processes in character creation as possible, as that way, moderation staff can access and read character information and can have full faith in something they never saw happen. 

Step 1: Create Stats

While it might seem like a bit of a hassle, this is quite the important process. Fortunately enough, we've simplified it so that most people can sort it out easily enough. Firstly, there are 6 stats:

  • Strength - The physical power of a character, how much they can lift, how hard they can hit stuff. 
  • Dexterity - How quickly and deftly a character can move. This also measures aptitude with most tools. 
  • Constitution - Endurance and vitality. 
  • Intelligence - A measure of quickly a character can think and recal information. 
  • Wisdom - A measure of a character's common sense, willpower and gut instinct. 
  • Charisma - Leadership and likeabily of a character 

Secondly, all the scores for the stats must follow the next two conditions:

  • They are no less than 5 and no higher than 16
  • The total of all the stats must be 63

Finally, each stat gains a modifier as a result. The modifier is equal to the stat minus 10 divided by 2, rounded down. For example, if you had 12 dexterity, you modifier would be +1. Modifiers can be negative, and it is common for players to have just that. 

These are your stats, and are permanant measures of what your character can do. 

Step 2: Pick a Race 

There are currently four races of which you can choose a player from. They all aftect stats, and most likely, the modifier as well. 

  • Human - +1 to all stats, speaks common, one extra language. 
  • Dwarf - +2 to constitution, Darkvision, +1 to fort save, speaks common and dwarven 
  • Elf - +2 to dextertity, darkvision, +1 to will save, speaks common and elven 
  • Halfling - +2 to dexterity, +1 to ref save, lucky (re-roll ones), speaks common and halfling 

Step 3: Pick a class 

There are four options for you to choose from. A class is more than just what skills your character has, it's a definition of your character's solution to problems. 

  • Cleric - Extraordinary Aura, Channel Energy, Spellcasting, Domain, Spontaneous Casting, Simple Weapons, Light and Medium armour, shields, Starting HP = 5+Con mod, +2 Fort save, +2 will save 
  • Fighter - start with 6hp+con modifier, all weapons and armour, +2 fort save, one bonus combat skill, +1 attack bonus
  • Rogue - Sneak attack, Trapfinding, +2 ref save, simple weapons plus a list of select other weapons, light armour, 5 hp+con mod 
  • Wizard - short list of weapons, spellcasting, arcane bond, arcane domain, +2 will save, scribe scroll, hp is 4+con mod