This really comes down to not taking what isn't yours. If someone uses a picture, that is theirs, not yours. Do not use the same image as another user. If you are not legally allowed to use an image, don't use it. 

Sexual Content

This is another easy topic to work with. No explicit sex, nothing to do with the genitals. Otherwise, anything goes. You're welcome to roleplay it offsite, that's your business, not ours. If characters are going to have sex, just cut the sex part, and resume it when they are in decent enough state to resume. If you are not comfortable with how something is being played out, explain to the other user your issues. If that cannot resolve it, contact a member of staff. 

Character Applications

Pull them up through the character application page for the staff to examine. Make character ages realistic. 2 year olds do not brandish greatswords in a threatening manner. Do not get angry at staff for asking you to change things; it might be your baby of two weeks work with everything meticulously laid out, but if it does not fit the critera, then it cannot be accepted. Also, they cannot break any canon around the site. If it contradicts the world's backstory, then it is not allowed. 


Roleplay either in the location comments or a roleplay forum. It should not go anywhere else on the wikia. On that note, characters may not occupy multiple locations simultaneously bar magic that suggest that. They can only be in one roleplay at a time. 


A year is 96 days, a month is 8, a week is 2. Fantasy quests often take years, so a quick schedule allows for that. 

Disruptive RP

Things that you should avoid while roleplaying: 

  • Godmodding - controlling another person's character. The best way around it is to say "if X does this then I'll do Y". This includes forcing something to happen to another character. 
  • Metagaming - Using out of game knowledge in game. Think like your character would think. Don't think about what their best option from everything you know. 
  • Impossible feats - Rolls should stop that however if someone shouldn't be able to do it then they most likely can't. 


Images will just be deleted, repeated use will result in warnings. 

RP's in the wrong spot will be deleted, once again, repeated use will result in warnings. 

If your character has issues, that's okay, you can hardly be punished for that. If you make a character without permission, it will be deleted and you will be warned, unless you're so new that you could have missed it.